After many years of being evacuated as a resident, councillor and Chief, Derek Stephen believed there was a better way to lessen the social impacts experienced by First Nation people and at a lower cost to Canada and Ontario.  Many First Nation communities are remote, isolated and highly vulnerable to surrounding natural hazards such as including flooding and forest fires, as well as infrastructure failures and health emergencies.  We believe we have the right solution for communities and our people.

Our strategy and plan will keep families and communities together within a single residential development for short and long-term evacuations.  Children and youth will be able to continue school while communities will be able to continue customs and practices in a culturally supportive manner.   Host communities will experience fewer impacts while Canada will have a cost effective and consistent service delivery solution that provides direct, indirect savings and induced society costs.


Honesty and Integrity – We value honesty and consistently perform our work to the highest ethical standards

Collaboration – We are committed to a culture of engagement and teamwork to meet the needs of First Nation communities

Delivery – We are committed to operational excellence and delivering what we say we will do


Delivering safe, high quality and comfortable accommodations for families in a culturally supportive environment in a cost-effective manner.




Derek Stephen – President

Derek Stephen is a Kashechewan First Nation band member, former Chief and Deputy Chief, who has firsthand experience in declaring emergency at KFN and being evacuated himself several times during his lifetime. Derek has also held several senior staff roles within the community and has worked in the private sector as a business owner and consultant providing emergency response, security protective services, caterings, property management, construction and renovations and fuel tank supply.



Murray Slezak – Vice President, Corporate and Business Operations

Murray is a retired Shell Canada manager, recognized for significant contributions that benefited Shell, industry, and stakeholders in social impact management, non-technical risk management, strategic planning and delivery. Murray’s ability to work in different cultural and socio-economic contexts with demonstrated skills to communicate and engage effectively with all levels of stakeholders is an asset to the team. Murray has strong experience with operations management, management systems, contracting and negotiations.